Give a Healthy Meal to a Girl in School in Tanzania


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Every donation supports the health and nutrition of adolescent girls seeking better lives through the power of education.

You can help provide nutritious and balanced daily school meals to 70 adolescent girls at The Kitenga School in Tanzania! The nutrition and health education provided through this program informs these young women throughout their lives. Traditionally, school meals are dominated by rice and beans. With additional resources, we hope to add significant portions of fruit, vegetables, and meat to daily diets. With your support, most of the fruits and vegetables can be grown right on site in Kitenga.

Many girls in Tanzania have limited opportunity to attend school simply because they are girls. More than 50% of girls in the Mara Region of Tanzania are married before age 18 (often to older men in polygamous marriages), and 40% have been subjected to Female Genital Cutting (FGM/C). In addition, girls from very rural and impoverished households are often responsible for collecting water and firewood for the family, which takes hours each day and are often unsafe journeys for them, as violence against women and girls is high. All of these barriers are formidable and often keep girls from the educations they want and deserve!

One unique aspect of the Kitenga School for Girls is that it is anchored by a remarkable group of Tanzanian nuns who own the land the school is built on. They started the school in 2017 and have been entrenched in the community for decades with heavy involvement decreasing female genital mutilation, supporting a health clinic and hygiene programs for the community. One important part of a girl's growth and success is her health, and proper nutrition is key to this. Good healthcare, sanitation, athletics, and nutrition are all components to help each girl develop into a healthy woman.

About Girls Education Collaborative
The Kitenga School for Girls opened in 2017 and there are now 70 girls learning and thriving every day. The school hopes to grow to over 400 students within the next few years. Someday, at full vision, there will be up to 1,500 girls in grades Kindergarten through secondary school participating in a life-changing experience - The Kitenga School for Girls. 

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