Clear Landmines to Save Lives


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Help clear the remaining landmines in Nagorno Karabakh so that families can farm and raise their children safely.

Nagorno Karabakh is a remote and beautiful place, but its people have been haunted by landmines for more than two decades. Landmine contamination in Nagorno Karabakh was the result of mine-laying during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. Even though a ceasefire was issued in 1994, today communities still struggle with the fear of landmines. It has had one of the highest incidences of landmine and unexploded ordnance accidents in the world—a quarter of the victims are children.

The Karabakhi people are financially threatened as minefields hinder agricultural and family businesses. Families living near minefields are some of the poorest and most food insecure in the world. Many have to choose between cultivating land they know is mined and letting their children go hungry. partners with The Halo Trust to clear mines and rebuild the community in Nagorno Karabakh. The HALO Trust has been conducting mine clearance in Nagorno Karabakh for 17 years and is the only organization doing so in this region. HALO has found and destroyed over 11,600 landmines and has released approximately 12,000 acres back to local communities to use for farming, developing, and safe transit. HALO conducts this work with the help of the local community by recruiting and training local men and woman, and we need your help to continue this work. 

You can help. Just $12 can provide salary for a demeanor for a day and support a local family.

A generous anonymous donor has agreed to match all gifts – giving the opportunity to double our impact in Nagorno Karabakh. 

The HALO Trust is a charity with the mission to lead the effort to protect lives and restore livelihoods threatened by landmines and the deadly debris of war. Founded in 1998, HALO locates and destroys landmines, cluster bombs and other explosive items, and dangerous stockpiles of weapons and ammunition so that some of the world's most vulnerable people can return home, plant their crops, and live in safety. 

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