Food for Hungry Orphans in Uganda


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Help provide meals for Orphans in Uganda!

The majority of people living in the Kasese District in Western Uganda are impoverished. Water borne illnesses, HIV/AIDS and malaria have left thousands of children orphaned.

Bright Model Orphanage School offers food, shelter and education to young Ugandan orphans who might otherwise be living on the street. Residents of Bright Model Orphanage School are given the tools necessary to rise above their circumstances and escape the cycle of poverty.

You can help. Just $30 provides a month's worth of lunches for an orphan in Uganda.

Update from the Field

Pupils eating lunch

August 2018

YOUR donations helped raise enough funds to keep pupils at Bright Model Orphanage School fed for two months! Your generosity has helped the orphanage pay for 2 months of breakfasts and lunches, helping keep their pupils full and their minds alert. To the right, you can see the students waiting patiently in line to get their nutritious lunches. When children go hungry at school, their studies suffer significantly. Thanks to your continued support, these children can focus on getting a quality education.

Pupils eating lunch June 2017

Thanks to YOUR donations Bright Model Orphanage School was able to provide 1120 meals for their 140 pupils. Bwanbale, a disabled pupil, was previously unable to make it to the school, but when his guardians heard about the hot meals program, they were able to bring Bwanbale to the school. The Bringht Model Orphanage School has been able to accept 15 more orphans from nearby villages into the school and provide two hot meals a day for them. The Orphanage Director had this message to share:

"I wish to thank Greater Good and all the staff for the great work done in providing our pupils with meals. This has helped our pupils so much as they no loner stay at school with empty stomaches."

Bright Model Orphanage School's primary mission is to empower orphans and needy children with knowledge and skills for a bright future.

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