Empower a Primary School in Laos With Clean Water!

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A water filter can save a life.

In the country of Laos, pneumonia and diarrhea are the #1 & #2 killers of children under the age of five years old. These illnesses, which are highly preventable, decrease significantly when children have access to clean drinking water and soap for washing their hands at school.

Your contribution directly benefits children in Laos with 100% of funds going towards the purchasing of TerraClear clean water filters for children living on the Bolaven Plateau. These filters are Unicef approved and kill 99.9% of bacteria that caused pneumonia and diarrhea. They are created by firing colloidal silver and clay together and have a three year warranty. They benefit the community by eliminating smoke inhaled into the families lungs and the need to boil water which requires cutting down the jungle.

You can help. Just $40 provides one water filter, giving 100 kids access to clean water.

In Paksong Laos on the Bolaven Plateau

Update from the Field

September 2017

This program benefited the village Phanouandong (579 children) which are on the Bolaven Plateau in Paksong, Laos. Each school received 2 Terra Clear clean water filters, soap, and went through Jhai Hygiene program where they learned about bacteria and the correct methodology for washing their hands. In addition to clean water filters, they received coloring sheets that taught them the correct procedures for washing their hands which were displayed around the classroom.

Photo on the right: Founder of Jhai Coffee performing hygiene program and showing the children of the Phanouandong village how bacteria spreads.

Matthew at Bwafwano Community School

Update from the Field
March 2017

A water well was built by Jhai at Paksong Primary School, which is made up of two schools; Paksong Primary Right School and Paksong Primary Left School. These two schools share toilets and were without water. Paksong Primary Right School consists of 244 students, the Left School consists of 144 students and in between the two, there is a monastic school made up of about 35 monk boys: a total of 423 students. This project was funded by both Greater Good and Vibrant Village; there was a total of five Terra clear water filters provided. Before the well and filters, eleven percent of these children were reported to be sick. Only one of the two toilets was functioning. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the hygiene programs run by Jhai, requesting them to return year after year.

Jhai Coffee House is the world's first completely philanthropic coffee roaster & cafe, located at the source. They believe access to clean water is a fundamental human right—their mission is to bring 63 schools on the Bolaven Plateau hygiene education and clean water.

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