Save the Critically Endangered Vaquita


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Help the world's most endangered marine mammal from being driven to extinction. 

We need YOUR help to save the world’s smallest, most endangered cetacean! The Gulf of California harbor porpoise, Phocoena sinus, meaning “little sea cow” in Spanish, is only found in the murky waters of the northern Gulf of California, where it is swimming on the edge of extinction with only 30-odd individuals left.

Over many decades, the porpoise has been accidentally and fatally entangled in, legal and illegal, fishing nets. An international team of experts, known as the VaquitaCPR team, is currently working with the Mexican government to capture a few of the last remaining and transferring them to a protected sea-pen, where they will hopefully be able to reproduce.

The government is policing the area and removing abandoned and illegal nets, but it is not enough; the habitat of the vaquita is very large and the incentives to fish are too strong. We need to ensure that fishermen are able to feed their families, without using gillnets. Either we must find gear to replace gillnets with vaquita-safe fishing equipment, or find alternative livelihoods. If fisherman have no options, they will simply keep fishing with this gear and more vaquitas will perish. partners with The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO), who is currently on the ground in the northern Gulf working side by side with the community to find a solution. When you give, your donation goes directly towards:
  • Helping fishermen learn how to use new vaquita-safe gear that ensures they can feed their families, generating a new outlook towards compliance.
  • Driving the system to change by connecting law-abiding fishermen to responsible seafood markets that reward their efforts.
  • Conducting research to understand the socio-economic barriers and incentives that can help convince a critical majority of fishermen to rally around the cause and comply with regulations.
  • Developing environmental education and outreach programs that promote community participation in the protection and recovery of the vaquita.
  • Developing alternative livelihoods and training locals for new businesses opportunities in areas like ecotourism.

You can help. Just $25.00 a day will engage 5 fishermen in activities that will help ensure the survival of the vaquita marina.

CEDO Intercultural is a 501c3 nonprofit based out of Tucson, AZ and Puerto Penasco, Mexico whose mission is to empower coastal communities in the Northern Gulf of California region with the knowledge and tools to create sustainable livelihoods that exist in concert with the surrounding natural and multicultural environment.
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