Life-Saving Prenatal Care in Haiti

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Help train healthcare workers in Haiti to save the lives of mothers and newborns from preventable childbirth-related deaths.

In the remote villages of mountainous La Gonâve, Haiti, childbirth is dangerous business. The island of 80,000 people has never had a trained obstetric care specialist. Due to lack of available and affordable prenatal care, one in four women will die in childbirth due to obstetric problems. Tragically, the deadliest complications, such as tetanus, eclampsia, and hemorrhaging, have been preventable for over 100 years.

Two women sent to mainland Haiti were trained as midwives and have returned to La Gonâve with the expertise to teach and do clinical work. They will teach and supervise 22 community healthcare workers who will run local prenatal clinics in each village for early detection and referral.

You can help them in their vital work. Just $18.00 provides complete prenatal care for one woman in La Gonâve, Haiti. Your donation will help end the legacy of preventable childbirth-related deaths and lay the foundation for a healthy generation born in La Gonâve.

Update from the Field

January 2018

Midwife in training in Haiti

YOUR donations helped pay for the prenatal care for four women in Haiti! Because of your generous donations, the La Gonâve Haiti Partnership has been able to provide free monthly prenatal check-ups and vitamins for new mothers at remote clinics around La Gonâve, Haiti. Hypertension is common and can be deadly for pregnant women in Haiti. With with program, The La Gonâve Haiti Partnership has been able to identify dozens of hypertensive women and give them blood pressure medicine. This has saved many women and babies in the region.

Your donations also helped establish a birthing center at one of the free-standing clinics. Women are now encouraged to give birth at the center rather than risk a home birth, where the floors are often dirty and there is no electricity or professional help. All of the healthcare is provided by local Haitian professionals, which creates jobs in the area. Soisilia (pictured tot he right) is one of the women to complete a ten month training program at Midwives for Haiti in Hinche and now serves the women of La Gonâve as a midwife. She also provides training to the community health workers and traditional birth attendants. Thank you for your continued support of women's health in Haiti!

The La Gonâve Haiti Partnership has been on the island of La Gonâve for more than 20 years. They help the people of the island grow sustainable capacity to provide the most basic needs of education, healthcare, clean water, and agriculture.
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