Help Provide High-Efficiency Stoves in Uganda


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A Cookstove Can Change the Life of Impoverished Women & Families in Uganda

Over 3 billion people worldwide cook their meals using inefficient methods that are costly and harmful to their health and the environment. This use of inefficient fuels for cooking are estimated to cause over 4 million deaths worldwide and are one of the factors contributing to deforestation around the world. Women and children are generally the collectors of the firewood and can walk up to 7 hours every day in this process in which they also face violent offense when leaving their villages or settlements. partners with Potential Energy to provide a solution to people in many countries of this world through its BDS cookstove. The BDS is a sturdy, low-cost, high-efficiency cookstove that does not use electricity and can be assembled locally. Using 66% less fuel than traditional methods, it saves a Ugandan family around $347 a year in firewood costs and avoids the emission of 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

You can help. Just $5 can help towards providing a cookstove, and $35 provides 1 cookstove to 1 family in Uganda. Your caring and compassion saves lives. Thank you for all that you do!

Potential Energy's mission is to adapt and scale technologies that improve lives in developing countries. They envision a world where technology improves the lives of everyone equitably.

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